Friday, April 26, 2013

B self feeding.

Bryant likes to feed himself. At times he would get angry if I don't give him the spoon to feed himself. I prefer him eating finger food by himself but not wet messy food like porridge or cereal. However, I just close one eye and give in to him as I know it is good for him to develop his motor skills.

He also prefers our food, thanks to his beloved brother who introduced him to tasty food, as compared to his bland toddler food. In the picture above, he was eating my lunch, my bolognese beef wrap and he really liked it a lot.

He can get really cheeky during mealtimes. After he has spilled water on the table (many times on purpose), he would say 'wet' and gesture for the cloth or tissue to wipe his mess.

When he is not creating a mess, he would request for books by pointing to the bookcase and saying 'book'. His favourites are the Nursery Rhymes and Noah 's Ark. He can play Pat-a-cake round after round. And he can correctly tell us the sound that these 3 animals make, the duck, the sheep and the cow. I am so proud of his love for books and pray that this will continue.

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