Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joshua @ 11 months

1) Added a lot of "words" to his vocabulary, babbles to himself non-stop. Lately, he has started calling me "mama" or "mam" again after calling me "nana" all this while.
2) Can clap his hands and do a "half flying kiss". Why half? Because his hand will stay at his mouth and he won't extend it outwards. Also likes to open and close his hands, imitating the hand action from Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.
3) Increased his solid intakes. For eg, he can now finish one whole slice of bread at one sitting and sometimes, he would gesture for more. Still prefers western food to his porridge. I have stopped cooking fish porridge because it's a torture to feed him.
4) Can stand on his own without support. At times, he would try to take a few steps forward but would topple down again. Not hurrying him to walk, let him take his own time.
5) Understands when we say "no" to him although he would disobey sometimes. And i think he understands the words "wave", "arms up" and "clap" from his YourBabyCanRead DVDs. I noticed that he will do the action of the words before the kids in the DVDs actually do it.


  1. Cute. Mine is also named Joshua :)

  2. Oh my, Joshie is a real big eater eh? And he's really huge... even looks bigger than Baby C. Smart little boy too!