Thursday, March 3, 2011

E&O Hotel

My bedridden grandma lives in Penang, and we try to visit her twice a year. Of course once would be during Chinese New Year. Each time we go to Penang, we'd stay in a hotel as her house is too small to accomodate all three of us. Furthermore, there's no air-cond and I bet my high-class son would have trouble sleeping.

During the recent Chinese New Year, we actually planned to stay in Shangri-la hotel but due to our last minute booking, there was no room for us. Hubs then decided that he wanted to try staying at E&O hotel. So on the third day of CNY, we drove straight to this luxurious hotel after visiting grandma.

Our suite.

The view from our suite.

Cheeky goofing around.

This was taken in the morning after/during breakfast. As usual, Joshie stuffed himself silly with all the sugary breakfast cereals which I don't normally buy at home - Koko Krunch, Honey Stars, etc etc........ He followed hubby out for a walk after the hubs had finished but he still wanted to hold on to his cereal bowl. Sat down here and enjoyed the cool breeze while eating.

No baby pool in the hotel. Not very child friendly........but nevertheless, the little boy had a great time at the pool.

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  1. the hotel is lovely. joshie is so lucky to stay in so many different hotels.