Saturday, April 30, 2011

One of the most stressful moments for a mom......... when her child is sick. Agree?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, my little boy was sick. Started with runny nose and cough, followed by fever. I was already planning to bring him to see the paed the next day when his fever hovered around 38.5 - 39C. However, we ended up in the A&E of the hospital that very evening because he had a febrile seizure. It was the most frightening moment of my life, watching my precious son's eyeballs rolling backwards and arms twitching. I got even more worried when his lips turned blue due to the lack of oxygen. Truthfully I don't know how long it lasted, although I'd think it was less than 5 minutes. So off we went to the hospital as soon as his seizure ended.

Joshie being examined by the doctor on duty. He was given the oxygen mask as well. His fever was 39.6C!!!!! That's not the highest temperature he's had though.

Called paed on duty to examine him. According to the paed, the possibility of another seizure within the next 24 hours is high, so he wanted Joshie to be admitted. Blood and urine test done upon admission. In the picture above, the nurse was checking his blood pressure while the cheeky was engrossed with his iPad.

Fever still spiked the next day. So doctor advised to stay another night. I requested for a baby cot. The night before, we were both sleeping on the same bed and I sprained my neck as a result of that. Unfortunately fever continued to spike, and he had to be given Voltaren for the 3rd time since admission.

On the morning of Day 3, doctor discovered white dots at his throat. Diagnosed as tonsillitis. So that's the cause of the high fever!!!! Cheeky being fed more medicine. It was scary seeing the amount of meds given to him during his hospital stay. Every 4 hourly he had to take 3-4 different types of medicine. Doctor advised to stay another 2 days. Went home to bring cheeky more toys as I didn't want him to face the iPad the whole day.

Day 4. Mummy requested for discharge. Temperature has been normal so doctor agreed =) Cheeky was delighted too. He was so so so bored of the hospital.

Took him a week plus to recover fully. No more fever since day 3 but throat was still red so I had to watch what he ate. Anyway, I am real glad this is over. I'll hafta be really careful the next time he has a fever as the possibility of another febrile seizure is there. According to paed, he will only outgrow this at the age of 6-7 years old.


  1. hope no more of such incident. You have to take care of yourself also. Take more chicken essense

  2. oh poor boy.. and yes, totally agree that a mum is at the tip stress level when her child sick... hopefully by now, Joshie is fully recovered and no more visits to hospitals!

  3. oh sorry to hear what has happened to joshie. Thank God everything is ok now. It is stressful and heartbreaking when our child is sick.