Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lavish party pack

Gone are the days when party packs consists of balloons, whistles, party hats, face masks and candy. Kids nowadays are very very lucky. And I am seeing an increasing trend of lavish party packs. For Joshie's 2nd birthday last year, I gave out a very simple party pack comprising a box of raisins, a pack of Japanese animal biscuits, stickers and IKEA finger puppets. I guess this year I gotta be a bit more generous.

Two weeks ago, Joshie's schoolmate celebrated her 4th birthday in school. Besides the birthday cake and a wide array of pastries catered from Delifrance, her parents spent a lot on her friends. Each of them had a helium balloon.

And this was what came out from the party pack. A small box of color pencils, cloth face mask, cute stationary, a tub of playdough (not in picture), playdough shapes cutter, a whistle, a bottle of bubbles solution (also not in picture) and an apron.

Needless to say, Joshie was very very excited. The items in the party pack are all very useful and I think every kid was happy =) I'd better start sourcing for Joshie's party pack contents soon since his birthday is just 2 months away.

That afternoon, my boy took his nap with his helium balloon.

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