Saturday, June 2, 2012

Australia 2012

Yup, you heard us right. In April, we braved a 7 day holiday in Australia with a 3.5 year old preschooler and a 3.5 month old baby. Did we survive? Of course we did. And we all came back in one piece =)

The purpose of the trip was to attend hubby's colleague's wedding in Sydney. So since we were traveling all the way to Australia, we decided to visit Melbourne as well. Melbourne was our home for 3 years when the hubs and I were studying for our degree at the University of Melbourne. It is always nice to go back there - for the food and for the memories.

Of course the grandparents, especially the grandmothers shared their concern. Moreover, it was approaching winter in Australia and they were concerned about the boys, especially baby Bryant. I was having second thoughts too, after B was diagnosed with reflux. However, hubby and some other close friends were very supportive and managed to allay my worries. So we purchased the tickets, booked our accommodation and got ready for our first holiday as a family of 4.

Here's a picture of the boys, at the SIA check-in counter. B slept on the way to the airport and only woke up after we had breakfast at the lounge. Perfect start to the holiday huh? =P

B was very well behaved during the 7 hour flight. He only fussed a bit. No loud crying or screaming. Needless to say, he received compliments from our fellow passengers. 

We were only in Sydney for 4 days, including the days we travel in and out. So basically, only 2 full days in Sydney. No strict itinerary. We had planned to meet up with an old friend beforehand and so we headed out early the next day as soon as we all got ready. 

The two boys, Joshie and Oscar, before we headed into the Sydney Wildlife Park. They have not seen each other for 14 months. They were a bit shy at first but warmed up quickly. The indoor park had a wide array of animals for the kids to see. Perfect since the weather outside was so hot and sunny.

After that we headed to the Darling Harbour playground where the boys had a blast. Here's Joshie on the mini flying fox. 

We did not do much for the rest of the day. Headed back to hotel to rest and in the evening, had a long walk to Chinatown for dinner. Nothing to shout about. 

The next morning, we woke up bright and early as we wanted to have breakfast at the Sydney Fish Market before the wedding. It was a real disappointment. The food wasn't half as good as it was 9 years ago when I ate there. And we had to wait nearly 45 minutes just to get a cab. Because we have a baby. Unlike Singapore and Malaysia, Australia has a strict ruling regarding the use of car seat for infants. So we had to get a cab with a car seat. 

Rushed back to hotel and got ready for the wedding. It was a long bus ride to the church. Here's a quick picture of the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. Luckily both boys were well behaved during the church wedding. 

After that, it was a mad frenzy getting the boys back again to the hotel. Feeding time and bath time before we all got ready for the wedding dinner. Can't remember the venue but it was overlooking the Opera House and the Sydney bridge. Beautiful scenery. And lovely picture, thanks to our camera-friend. =)

The following day, we were up early again, getting the boys ready and packing our stuff before heading to the airport to catch our flight to Melbourne. We were in Melbourne for 3 full days. Only took a few pictures in Melbourne. We felt so at home, so didn't feel the need to take pictures =) LOL. Anyway, Melbourne was a lot colder than Sydney and it was raining a lot too. Cold wind pressing against our cheeks each time we were out. B didn't really like it and he was quite fussy, but still manageable. As for J, the hubs and I are really amazed. He loved the weather and didn't complain about the cold at all. We had to force him to wear his sweater. 

Here's the two boys, on a cold rainy morning in the city where their parents first fell in love!

 So how did we survive out trip?
1) Make no solid plans. Let your itinerary be flexible. I'd rather see/eat less but have happy kids who are not too tired.
2) Pack only what is necessary. Of course medication is, and everything related to the kids. The hubs and I packed very little for ourselves. I wore the same dress for the church wedding and the dinner =) All in, we only had 1 big luggage, 1 check-in sized luggage, a diaper bag and a sling bag each for the hubs and I. I managed to stuff all the diapers in and brought a container to cold sterilize B's bottle. So no need for the bulky steam sterilizer.
3) Remember to bring the kids' loveys or favourites. I brought B's pillow and his white noise machine. As for J, I brought some of his favourite toys and books.
4) Bring the iPad!!! least J had the iPad to entertain him when we needed a break from his constant chatter.

Will we travel with our kids again? Of course........can't wait for our next trip in December =)

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