Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our 6 month old

Look at the cool baby...hehe......with his pair of sunnies. The sunnies don't last long on his head. He would fuss, cry and then yank them off his head.

So 6 months have passed since we welcomed this adorable little angel into our lives. We've had ups and downs. Downs mainly from his reflux. But other wise he's been ok, quite a good and easy to take care of baby.

I started giving him solids at 5 months, at the advice of his paed. I was told that solids would help his reflux problem. The food and the milk will hopefully stay in his stomach and not move upwards to the esophagus since his stomach content would be heavier. However, after a week or so, he suffered from constipation. So I added in avocado. And later had to mix and match other fruits/vege. He eats more of sweet potato, avocadoes, peaches and pears as these help his bowel movement.

At 6 months, he can sit for a while without support. However he is not very keen on sitting. He prefers to be on his tummy. He has been crawling commando style since 5.5 months. He pushes his lower body off the floor to be on a proper crawling position at times. But he is still clueless on how to move his hands and legs properly to crawl. I can foresee that he'll soon be mobile all over the house =)

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