Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Joshie says

Scenario 1
(walks into lift and crosses his arms across his chest)
Joshie : Oscar is not going to marry Emilie
Me : Oh really? Who is going to marry Emilie then?
Joshie : Me! I am going to marry Emilie
Me : When is the wedding?
Joshie : Next week

(and the next morning)
Joshie : Mummy, Emilie and I are going to have a wedding party. There will be chocolates at the party. But Emilie and I are not going to dance, cause I am shy.......

Scenario 2
Maid : Josh, drink your milk first
Joshie : But I am playing......wait first
Maid : No, you drink now. And play later.
Joshie : Aunty, I said wait first. You need to be patient.

Scenario 3
(we were on the escalator and he was observing the signs showing the do's and don'ts on the escalator)
Joshie : Mummy, you cannot bring the stroller on the escalator
Me: Why do you say so, Josh?
Joshie : It's wrong, mummy......(points to sign).....look there, cannot bring stroller coz it is wrong!!!

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