Monday, June 21, 2010

Japan - Day 8 to 10

A rainy day greeted us on day 8. Hmnn, not good since we will be going to Disneyland. It was still raining when we entered the theme park. Thank God Joshie was relatively well-behaved, he sat in his stroller without much fuss. We used the rain shield and I am pretty sure it was stuffy but the little boy did not give us much problem.

Even though it was a week day, there was a huge crowd. We had to wait in line for about an average of 15 minutes for each ride.

Here's Joshie and I in front of "it's a small world". The disposable raincoats which I bought from Watson did not do a good job so we splurged on Mickey & Minnie raincoats. Cost us SGD70. Mickey for hubby and Minnie for me. Wanted to buy one for Joshie too but all the small sizes were sold out. Moreover, he can just sit in the stroller.

When Joshie took his afternoon nap in the stroller, hubby and I took turns to go on Space Mountain. Luckily we used our FastPass for this ride. It took us only a mere 5-10 minutes to get onto the ride as compared to a 40 minute waiting time. I had the "privellege" to sit in front and throughout the whole ride, I could literally feel myself flying through the starry starry sky =)

This picture was taken on day 2 at the entrance of Disneyland. As we were guests at the Disneyland Ambassador Hotel, we had the privellege to enter the park 15 minutes before the opening hours. Of course many other visitors had that special privellege too. We saw many "kiasu" visitors rushing into the theme park, they were practically running and here we were, taking a nice family picture.

My little boy with Mummy and Minnie Mouse on our 3rd day. This was taken at the hotel, where we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's restaurant. Besides meeting Mickey & Friends, Joshie met Chip and Dale too, but he wasn't very interested in them.
After having visited 2 Disneylands in a span of 6 months, hubby and I really bored already. So Joshie, no more Disneyland in the very near future! For more photos on Disneyland, do check out my Facebook pictures.

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