Friday, May 6, 2011

Babysitting Rion

My Japanese friend, Motomi has just shifted to another condo nearby as the prices here have gone exorbitantly high. On moving day, I offered to babysit her daughter so that she can handle everything without disturbance from a toddler. Poor lady, she settled everything as her hubby couldn't take leave on that day.

Rion came over slightly before noon as the movers were supposed to arrive at 1pm.

The two kids having fried rice for lunch. Rion has a huge appetite.

After lunch, I bathed Joshie while Rion played by herself in the room. Then I put Joshie down for his nap while my helper played Rion.

Luckily Joshie napped even though he knew that Rion was playing in the next room. Rion was pretty bored playing all by herself. She kept on going into Joshie's room to look at him as pictured below.

By 4pm, she was really restless, even though Joshie had already woken up. She was also missing her mom and kept on asking for mummy. I tried explaining to her but it was really tough communicating with her as she doesn't understand English. Luckily I managed to amuse and entertain her till her mummy came around 5ish.

That was my first experience babysitting a toddler for such a long period of time, 5 hours in total. Actually I was real glad when Motomi appeared at the door :)


  1. what a cute girl :) she doesn't take her nap? if not it would be easier for you :D happy momsie day to you :)

  2. oh.. it's a cute girl! you didn't try to put her nap while Joshie had his? You must be extra busy with a toddler ya..

  3. She rarely takes her afternoon nap in recent weeks. Yes, would be much easier if she had napped too