Sunday, February 7, 2010

Terrible Twos at 16 months?

Joshie can be unmanageable at times. He'd scream and cry when he does not get his own way. During the weekend, he seems to have gotten worse! Hopefully this phase passes fast. He'd scream even louder whenever hubby and I whack his little hand or bum-bum. And then immediately stretch out his hands as he wants a hug from us. We'd hug him and tell him that what he did was wrong.

He has also been messing up the house a lot. Pull open drawers, throw things all over the floor and of course play with all the forbidden stuff. Take it away from him, and he'd scream. So I guess our neighbours hear a lot of screaming everyday! Haha..........

Anyway, I'll leave you with pictures of my cheeky son enjoying his banana.

"Hey mummy, why are you taking my picture? Can't I eat in peace?"

"Yum yum, this banana is delicious."

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