Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everyday with Joshie

It's not easy to entertain a hyperactive 19 month old. He loves to go out but we can't be going out all the time right? I feel that I spend a lot of money each time we go out, mostly on food so that's not good for this weight-conscious mummy. Do you know that I actually weigh myself a few times a day? LOL! Since I don't really have the chance to exercise, I need to control what I eat during the weekdays. Moreover, hubby and I spend our weekends indulging in good food.

Ok, so back to my cheeky. Other than playing with his toys and watching tv, he'd entertain himself with normal, everyday household items.

I was drying the bed sheet on the clothes rack. Nothing extraordinary right? But to cheeky it's a play tunnel. He had fun going through the tunnel and even played peekaboo with me.

This is the brush that I use to clean his milk bottles. He managed to fish it from the dish drainer and proceeded to brush his chair.

Cheeky always asks me to carry him to the light switches and he loves to switch the lights on/off. I will only do so when I need a certain light on/off. Of course he gets upset when his wish is not granted but I firmly told him that's the way life is. Learn to accept that you won't get everything. This morning, he learnt that he can actually use a pole to switch on/off the lights!!!!

Sticking cotton buds into the littles holes found on the safety lock.
So now you know what Joshie does at home huh?


  1. life is too short to be caring about your weight!! plus, you look great!!! so please indulge in good food, you deserved it!

  2. there is never a dull moment with Joshie eh? wow, you weigh yourself a few times a day? you are so slim already.

  3. So slim some more need to weigh a few times a day? I think I have to start weighing myself more :)

    Yes, I always tell myself that I shouldn't be bringing Maine out so often :D

  4. Peeps, you have not seen me in bikini! I can't stand my jelly belly. It's not as though I had a flat firm tummy before Joshie, but now the "pouch" is even more obvious and it's more like "tau fu fah" now!