Saturday, May 22, 2010

Father and son

Although Joshie hardly sees daddy during weekdays, he still loves his daddy to bits. He gets excited when daddy comes home from work and would be really "hyper" during that short time he has with daddy before he is shooed off to bed. And in recent months, he seems to know when daddy is away for a business trip. Last month, he cried when hubby left for Sydney+Argentina. And coincidentally, when his daddy is not around, he falls sick and does not sleep well. Is it just a coincidence? Or is his little body really missing daddy so much till he falls sick?Well, I really don't know although I'd think it's just a coincidence.

Here's a picture of Joshie and his daddy. It was only 7 plus am, and Joshie had just wandered into our room. He climbed onto the bed and started playing with daddy's face. Even kissed his daddy a few times but I wasn't fast enough to capture that shot. Isn't my little boy so affectionate?