Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'll let the pictures do the talking.

A tired Joshie on our big bed.

Daddy and Joshie at the beach.

Cycling time. The little cheeky really enjoyed himself. Guess it was a new experience for him. He sat quietly behind and did not fuss at all. Now hubby and I are thinking that maybe we can go to East Coast Park, rent a bike and get some exercise while the little boy enjoys his ride.

At the pool. He enjoyed his swim. Hubby even brought him down the slide. The slide wasn't steep so we thought it wouldn't be that fast. Hubby only realised it when he was sliding down with Joshie and by then it was too late. Hehe.....good experience for Joshie. But it wasn't his first time under water......he climbed out of his baby float several weeks ago and went head first into the water.

Spider-boy spider-walking.
Overall it was a very fun trip, though it was tiring. Thank God Joshie did not fuss when we left him with the babysitter while hubby and I indulged in other activites.

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  1. what a nice trip :) how do you get to Bintan? by flight or ferry?