Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joshie's first semi-formal class

Yesterday, we went to playschool! Yes, I know it's really early to enrol him, considering the fact that he is only 1. And no, we are not kiasu parents who want him to excel academically, be the first in class etc etc. The reason why we are sending him to class is for him to get more exposure to people, he only sees Mummy 80% of his time and we don't want him to grow up to be anti-social. And what actually drew us to this class was the 20 minute Mandarin session. The hubs and I both converse with him in English and we thought it'd be good to expose him to another language.

Here are the pictures.

Joshie chewing on his biscuit in the car seat on the way to Bibinoggs @ UE Square.

Waiting for the other student to arrive. This is a new class so there's only 2 students. The maximum they take in is 8 and they would start a class when there's a minimum of 2.

Practising his walking skills while waiting.

"Hehe, I can see you Joshie."
The other baby didn't arrive......so ended up, he was the only one student, getting full attention from the teacher.

Craft time.

"My first artwork, mummy. Is this the correct way to colour the orange?"

"And now, it's snack time. Yummy, I love the bunny cheese biscuits."
See how greedy the little cheeky is. He kept on stuffing his mouth with food.

"Teacher, I finish already. Can I have more snacks?"

Playing with Olly the Octopus.


  1. looks like little joshie is enjoying himself. it would be more fun when there are more kids eh? :D