Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday presents

This is the highlight. A red electrical toy car given by Aunty Melinda, Xin Yan and Chien Hui. Thank you so much gals. Although he's too young to operate and manouver the car, he has been "head over heels in love with his car" since Saturday. He would climb in and out, play with the steering wheel, press the horn and "Music" button etc etc. All the kids were also fascinated by the car and even took turns playing with it. Hubby had to confiscate it for fear that it would be damaged as the kids kept ramming the car into the bushes, swings, see-saws etc etc.

Centre of attention

Future F1 driver?

Another big birthday present from Aunty Seow Yin.

Thomas the Train from Uncle Gideon & family and ELC water toys from Uncle Melvyn & family.

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