Sunday, September 6, 2009

Presents from Europe

Hubby is back......yay! Yay, yay, yay! Haha, of course I'm really glad that hubby is home. Joshie missed his daddy too and crawled to Daddy to be carried! And maybe he was too overexcited that he didn't take his afternoon nap!

Though it was a very rushed and hectic business trip, hubby managed to get us some presents.

Here's what he got for Joshie. T-shirts.........from Puma, Hard Rock and Replay. They are all a little too big as hubby was afraid his little cheeky would outgrow the clothes in just a blink of the eye.
And of course presents for his darling wife too.....hehe! Mini skirt from Puma, black sleeveless top from Hard Rock and a pair of Dior sunnies. I feel so pampered!

And lots and lots of Godiva chocs and my favourite nuts! Looks like my plan to "kam fei" has to be put on hold.


  1. Wow, again...your husband is really a very good shopper :) Plus he has good taste too :) Nice stuff ;)

  2. i said to him the clothes are too big....then he kept telling me the cheeky boy is growing too fast....haha

  3. Woah, Jeff is so generous! Chup toa lor you hahaha! I want to thank you once again for the lovely pressies for the gals. Too bad we forgot all about taking the pix. I hope to see you guys in December.