Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Missing daddy

Hubby's away in Europe on a business trip. He will be back this Saturday....yay! Anyway, during his absence, I religiously email him photos of his little cheeky boy. Here are some of the photos that I have sent.
"Daddy, I am drinking water, feel so thirsty after waking up from my sleep!"

"Daddy, can you see my saliva dripping onto your beautiful, black sofa?"

"Daddy, please help me rock the boat......please"

"This is my favourite toy at the gym......shake, shake, shake."

"Daddy, i tried to climb up the slide but I failed. You reckon it's too steep for me?"

"I'm so tired."

"Daddy, I am going 'kai-kai'."

"Peek-a-boo Daddy."

"Daddy, you want to eat 'Joshie sandwich' for breakfast?"


  1. I am sure daddy will miss you too, Joshie.. and seeing all these photos, must b very useful to cure daddy's missing you.. :D

  2. cute. hey i notice that joshie looks older when he's wearing tshirt and short compared to onesies...hahhhah