Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another milestone =)

That's Joshie's masterpiece! =) I think he started stacking blocks when he was about 15 months old. But it was always 2-3 blocks and then the whole thing would come tumbling down. With determination, he improved and a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this on the floor when I was clearing his toys. 10 blocks in total! I took a picture and also left his masterpiece untouched for hubby to see.
In terms of speech, he is also developing well. He likes to imitate what we say and has added a lot of words to his vocabulary! His favourite is "no" and he would use it very often, especially when he refuses to cooperate with us!
Currently, he is very cranky as he is teething. I can't really check which teeth are coming out as he refuses to open his mouth to show me. Can't even clean his teeth! But I have a feeling that there are at least 2-3 teeth sprouting out at the same time, molars included. He wants mummy most of the time even though "ah ma" and "kakak" are currently down in Singapore as well cause we have just shifted house. I have to carry my 13kg boy most of the time, even when I cook. That's why I have been busy and have not been blogging and blog-hopping. Busy, tired and hot! =( But I should not complain. Should be thankful and grateful that God has blessed me with a healthy and active child. I was moved to tears when I read the story of Layla Grace who is dying from cancer. I really can't imagine what her parents are going through now. So each time your child drives you up the wall, do take a deep breath in and be happy and grateful that you have a healthy child.


  1. **clap,clap** for joshua. :)

    yeah, agree with you, i've a demanding son, which sometime really drives me up the wall. but, after i read this , i'm really thankful for a healthy and active child.

  2. clever boy!! nvm, it's just a phase for Joshua to get used to the new teeth.. he will be a active boy soon.. :D

  3. clever boy :) thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Hehe thanks for the compliment everyone.