Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Signed him up for only three sessions out of eight this semester as we will be back in KL for 3 weeks. Overall, I feel that the class is pretty good. Will blog more about the classes later as I am feeling sleepy now. Nowadays I can't go online during the day as my little cheeky demands his mummy's attention all the time. He would come to my chair and hug my legs with a pathetic look on his face. Sometimes he would reach out for my hand and try to drag me to his play area. Actually, I also feel kinda guilty if I don't spend time with him. After all, children grow up so fast and before I know it, he would be so busy with school, friends and other activites that I wouldn't see much of him. So better enjoy his company while I can.

Will let the pictures do the talking.

First, he was happily banging on the drums as the whole class (actually the mummies) sang Hickory, Dickory Dock.

Then, he decided that it's more fun to turn the drums upside down. He pretended that the overturned drums were now his pots/bowls and the drumsticks were the spoons/ladle. Happily stirring away. See the other girl joining in the fun.


  1. Joshie seems to enjoy himself very much.. coming back to KL? have a safe trip ya.. :D

  2. ahh..i always wonder what the kids do in kindermusik :) i think joshie prefers to cook huh? hahahahahaha