Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Will he be a good boy? (part 2)

Yes, Joshie was a good boy. He entertained himself with some toys and also "tried out" the gym equipments. And the trainers there were very helpful too and played with him.

So is mummy going to sign up as member of that gym?

The answer is...................


Yeah, the gym is good. They measure your weight, height, BMI, percentage of body fat and other statistics which I have forgotten; they will even draw up an exercise plan for you and review the plan every 3 months. Also advise you on what you should not eat. BUT...........the fees are too expensive. It's beyond my budget and moreover, I am not 100% sure that Joshie will always let me exercise in peace. So, better not sign up and waste money.

I figured the first step to a slimmer body is not signing up as a member of any gym. I should get my butt of the chair now and spend quality time with my yoga mat, fitball or hula hoop instead!

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