Friday, July 23, 2010

10 things about Joshua

1) He is a vainpot. Loves to look at himself in the mirror.

2) Makes all types of funny sounds, eg. "ssssshhh", "aahh", "vvrroomm" and insists that mummy/daddy immitate him.

3) He is a tv addict, especially hooked to Playhouse Disney.

4) He says "bye bye" to everyone and everything. Before I switch off the lights each night, he would say goodbye to the lion, rabbit, monkey, duck, bear and giraffe stickers on his bedroom wall.

5) Bread and biscuits are his favourite food.

6) Loves playing with his 2 closest friends, Oscar and Rion. He even says goodbye to mummy when it's time to leave and doesn't bother at all when mummy walks out of their apartments.

7) Screams and cries when his demands are not met but I have managed to control the intensity and frequency of his outbursts by sending him to the naughty corner.

8) Very musically inclined. I hope this continues as he grows.

9) Loves storybooks and like no. 8, I hope his love for books will continue.

10) A clean freak like daddy.

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