Monday, July 5, 2010

His favourite game


He likes to hide his face underneath the pillow or the quilt and would be exceptionally thrilled when I pretend to look for him. Sometimes, I am so focused on my work that I don't bother. He would then pretend to call out his name and immitate me when I am really looking for him.

He also loves to play chase. When I call his name, he'd run very fast in the opposite direction and expects me to run after him. He'd be giggling non-stop when I pretend that I can't catch him!

On another more "serious" note, these are the supplements that I feed Joshie.

From left to right: Vitamin C liquid, Sambucol black elderberry syrup, Millenium cactus juice and Scotts Emulsion.

I only feed him the Vitamin C when he is not feeling well. Otherwise, I believe that he gets enough daily dosage of Vitamin C from his fruits and vegetables.

The Sambucol black elderberry syrup is quite effective in building up his immune system especially when he has a cold. I brought it along during our 2 week Japan trip and he did not fall sick at all, even though there were times when his nose started to run a bit.


  1. wow, a lot of supplements huh? i used to get millenium juice for ash too but stopped. will blog about it soon ;) i notice that your millenium juice is different from what i got. mine was orange in colour.

  2. Mine is brown packaging coz no sucrose :) actually my in-laws bought the cactus juice, but I find that it doesn't help much. Sambucol seems to be more effective!

  3. awww looks like he loves the game peekaboo :) too cute la. stumble upon your paage. hope your having a lovely day :) love your site. gonna be dropping by often. feel free to drop by!

    have a fabulous day!


  4. jen, thanx for dropping by........and thanks for the compliments....will drop by yr blog too....