Saturday, July 17, 2010

An eager helper (part 2)

I have never cleaned our shower glass screen. I don't know where he learnt it from, not sure if he has seen our part-time helper doing it. Recently, during his bath time, he'd either take his bath sponge or towel and clean the glass screen vigorously! =)

"Mummy, picture again? Let me squeeze the towel first ok?"

"After squeezing, I clean.......hehe, Joshie good boy!"

Very helpful and a clean freak in the making, just like his beloved daddy!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog. Joshua looks like such a big boy already! Are you guys in KL or in Singapore?

  2. Yes, he is a big boy. Growing up too fast. Treasure lil Kaylin's babyhood. =) We are in Singapore........How haf u been?

  3. I've been good. Settling down nicely with lots of help from my mother in law and her maid. Good to see you guys are well :)