Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joshie at the mall

Last week, we were just strolling around in the mall after Joshie's class. We came across two coin-operated cars and the little cheeky immediately climbed onto one. He acted as though he was really driving and turned the steering to the left and right. Even shook his head to the beat of the music. As usual, he wants to switch cars but there was a girl occupying the other car.

Joshie went towards the girl and told her "sit". He then went back to his car, patted the seat while still maintaining eye contact with her and said "sit". I was quite amused and was wondering if the girl understood him. And if she did, would she accede to his request.

After a while, she stood up and before she could get down, Joshie climbed up and sat in the car.

The two kids in their respective cars.

Monkey see monkey do. The girl rested one leg on the steering and Joshie followed.

Now even worse. Both legs on the steering wheel!


  1. wa....can tackle girls already ah :D

  2. hahhaahahahaha...so cute to see Joshie and the girl on their kiddy cars. Like most boys, I'm sure Joshie would grow up to be very fond of cars eh?