Friday, October 2, 2009

Joshua @ 1 year old

Walk, walk, walk.......that's his favourite activity at the moment. Previously he was more interested in crawling but of late, he has been walking a lot.....just like a drunkard with his body swaying sideways and arms stretched out to balance himself.

He can also point to his nose and ears when prompted. And i think he loves waterfalls and water fountains. Whenever we walk past the waterfall and fountain at the lobby of our apartment or at the shopping malls, he would point towards it.

We have been bringing him to the playground since he can now walk. His current favourite is the slide. And no, he does not like to slide down. He likes to climb up instead.

Added more "words" to his vocabulary. But we still do not know what he is saying, it's all baby language =).

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