Saturday, April 3, 2010

Second visit to the Botanic Gardens

Last Friday, we were all up early and so decided to bring Joshie to the gardens for a stroll. We also wanted to visit the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. We have never been there before but we heard that adults can only enter the garden if they have a kids tagging along.

We reached the carpark around 8am and the carpark was already full. However, we were lucky as we only had to wait a few minutes to get a lot. Strapped Joshie into his stroller, gave him his milk and we started walking. Jogged a bit too but both hubby and I have lousy stamina.

Here are pictures of Joshie enjoying himself.

Playing with tiny pebbles, throwing them up into the air and watching them fall back onto the ground.

Walking across the suspension bridge. He started wailing a bit when the bridge shook but this brave fella completed the walk.

Having fun with sand. No, that's not his spade, he just decided to "borrow" it from the girl.

We proceeded to look for breakfast at 9 plus as our tummies were rumbling. However, the cafe was packed with people so we decided to drive to PS Cafe at Dempsey. I shared my blueberry pancake with Joshie while hubby had a chicken curry pie. It was pricey but the food was good. Unfortunately, we won't be going back there again in the near future as they do not have a high chair. They have a booster seat but Joshie can't fit in it :S. Without a high chair, hubby and I can never eat in peace. The cheeky stood up in his chair and insisted on using cutleries to eat. Messed up the whole table as you can see!

I think next time PS Cafe will put up a "No Joshie" sign at their main door.

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