Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In love with Elmo

Few days before the Sesame Street concert, Joshie got really attached to Elmo. I don't know the reason why. I just found it a bit funny and amused that he suddenly loves Elmo so much. He requests to watch Sesame Street DVDs and would ask me to change if I had switched on another DVD for him to watch.

After Haley's mom lent him Elmo, he loved Elmo even more. Elmo must accompany him everywhere. The photos below will give you a clearer picture regarding his attachment to Elmo.

He brought Elmo to the toilet and said "Elmo, wee wee".

"Elmo, drink honey."

Drinking milk with Elmo.

And he wanted to sleep with Elmo covering his face. He screamed when I took Elmo away.


  1. hahaha...everywhere also bring Elmo. When Mummy get the chance to give Elmo a bath?

  2. hehhee...he's cute. Elmo goes wherever he goes :)