Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Poor Joshie was sick last Saturday. He seemed a bit too quiet and even sat in his stroller without any complaints at all when we were at Marina Square. Never even asked to get out of the stroller when we passed the toy store and indoor playground. I began touching his forehead and realised that it was a little hot.

When we reached home, his temperature was already 38.5C. Inserted the suppository and he was off to dreamland really soon. The next day, he was still feverish and by Monday (3rd day), I decided to bring him to the paed since his temperature was hovering at 38C plus, even after taking paracetamol. As he was also coughing already, doctor prescribed Rhinathiol and Benbac. Also gave Zithromax (antibiotics) as standby. Zithromax to be given only if he still has fever by Tuesday. Come Tuesday, his fever was even higher and that made me really panic. I am stressed each time his temperature goes beyond 39C. So no choice, but to feed him with Zithromax.

This picture was taken on Tuesday morning, after feeding him his meds. He seemed very listless and took a long morning nap of 2.5 hours followed by another afternoon nap of nearly an hour. I think he could have slept longer but he woke up crying and when I went in to console him, he vomitted all over me. And as I was cleaning up the vomit, he ran to the bathroom and pooed! Watery poo all over the bathroom floor.

He wasn't in a very good mood throughout his sickness. Cried off and on and rubbed his tummy. After googling the side effects of the antibiotics, I discovered that one of the side effects is diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

Joshie sleeping with his Burger King party hat. He got upset when I removed it so I just let it be =) He really slept a lot.

And he had no appetite. Even breads and cakes he pushed away. Only wanted cheerios. Checked with the doctor and he said it's fine to give him cheerios.

His temperature finally went back to normal on Wednesday. But by then, I was infected and down with fever, runny nose and cough =( Guess I have to do something to boost my immune system!


  1. oh poor Joshua.. Speedy recovery and hope he is back to his own self.. Mummy gotto rest more too...

  2. gosh...this is the 2nd case. My friend's son also fever till 39C. He also no mood to eat. Vomit out med.

    Hope Joshua and Mummy will recover soon.

  3. awww...poor Joshie. It's already bad having to deal with fever, cough and the darn antibiotic has to have side effects. Happened to Ashley last time. I told her paed not to give her the same antibiotic anymore. Glad to know that he is ok. Get well soon Mommy :)

  4. Oh, poor you and Joshie! *sigh* You really need to rest and boost up your immune system. There's nothing better than taking it fresh every day from tons of fruit and vegetables, dear. And for him as well....Health is so important. Avoid antibiotics at all costs! I hope you get well soon and he's up and running already.

    Happy belated Birthday, Joshie!

  5. Hope Joshua and Mummy will recover soon..

  6. Thanks everyone......=) We are both well......