Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My two year old son

This is a backdated post.

My dear son turned 2 on the 23rd of September. I still can't believe that he's no longer a baby now. He's already a big boy, one who wants independence most of the time. He knows very well what he wants and would show his frustration when his demands and wants are not met.

He can now speak in short sentences. When he wants to refer to himself, he doesn't use the pronoun "I", instead he will say Joshie. For example, "Joshie drink water". His vocabulary is also increasing by leaps and bounds and it's really interesting to discover the new words that he utters each day.

He still loves singing and dancing. Just a couple of hours ago, he was singing the ABC song on the top of his voice. Missing alphabets here and there but it was a good attempt! And he loves to shake his bum-bum when he hears music.

And he caught me by surprise few days ago when I heard him counting from 1 to 13. I know he could count till ten several weeks ago but didn't know he could go beyond. Most times when we walk up/down the stairs, I'd stop after 10 and start counting from 1 again in Chinese.

I started potty training him nearly two months ago. When we are at home, he's diaperless and pantless too! Haha...........he seems to think it's ok to pee or poo in his pants so I strip him half naked so that he will go to the potty to do his business. He doesn't need me to remind him to relieve himself, he'll do it on his own. He'd also try to be helpful and pour the potty contents into the toilet bowl and then flush. Of course that also means extra work for mummy who has to clean the floor due to droplets of urine.

Joshie is indeed a good helper. Not only is he keen on helping us clean the floor, he wants to do the dishes too. He'd push his stool to the basin, and try to wash his bowl. Sometimes, when there's nothing cooking on the stove, I allow him to do so.

Tantrums wise, he's still controllable. However, I realise that it's more difficult to calm him down when there are other people around, namely family or friends. It's easier for me to handle him when it's just both of us. He is also more obedient when he's only with mummy. Why is that so? Can someone please tell me why?

Hmnn, can't remember what else I wanna write already. Will update when new thoughts come into my mind.

Anyway, to our dear Joshie, mummy and daddy would like to wish you a blessed 2nd birthday. May God bless you with good health and wisdom and may you always be a blessing to people around you. We love you very much.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Joshie :D

    Mine also 23rd but it's Feb

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Dear Joshie. Time surely flies :)