Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sesame Street - When Elmo grows up

Kids nowadays are so blessed and lucky huh? I did not have a chance to watch any kiddy concert when I was a little girl. However, Joshie who is not even 2 years old yet had the opportunity to watch Sesame Street live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last Friday. I think I was more excited than him, since he didn't know what was going on till he entered the concert hall and saw the characters on stage!

Joshie and his friends, Oscar and Rion in the taxi on the way to the stadium.

We were a little late and the concert had already started when we were finally seated. No pictures of Elmo and friends on stage as this smart mummy had forgotten to bring her camera. Pictures taken with my phone were not clear. We had quite good seats, so we were quite satisfied with the $48 that we paid =) Very near the stage and the kids had a really good view.

This was taken after the concert. Three kids on the floor, checking out the items their mummies had purchased for them! Again, aren't they a lucky lot????

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  1. Kids now are really very lucky! Both Mummy and Joshie must have had a blast :D