Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simple but tasty lunch

I was running out of ideas on what to cook for lunch last week. Since Joshie sleeps after lunch (around 1pm), his lunch must be light. Furthermore, he must have his bottle of milk before his nap. Otherwise, he'll be crying and fussing away.

Looked into the fridge and saw the pasta sauce which I had opened yesterday when I cooked spaghetti for our dinner. Rummaged through my freezer and took out the small piece of chicken breast which I usually reserve for his porridge. Chopped some onions and capsicum, threw them into the pan, stir fried the chicken and added the sauce. Transferred the meat pasta sauce onto the toasted bread and added cheese. Ta-da..........lunch is ready!

Joshie enjoyed his lunch! No problem getting him to eat. So will cook this again =)


  1. Haiz...mine started to be "hamster" already. Doesnt wanna chew and swollow

  2. I shall try this! Thanks for sharing. y T2 is SUCH a fussy eater!