Saturday, October 2, 2010

Of Penang and its food

After Ipoh, our next stop was Penang. We were to attend my high school friend's wedding dinner and at the same time, we wanted to visit my maternal grandma. Joshie's great-grandmother!

We drove down after lunch the next day as my mum also wanted to follow us. Arrived in Penang around 2ish and after dropping by at my grandma's house, we went to the market to buy some yummy kuih to fill our tummies =) Joshie loved the kuih, and kept on asking for more. By the way, I am a real "kuih person". And I can get really pernickety when it comes to kuih. I guess I have been too spoilt with the good nyonya kuih in Penang since I was a little girl.

We gobbled up everything and dropped my mum at grandma's house again before heading to the G hotel at Gurney Drive to check in. Josh and I headed to the reception first while hubby parked the car. The receptionist asked for the check-in slip. But we had just realised two nights ago that we had forgotten to bring the slip. However, our past experiences with other hotels assured us that it'd be ok. We just need to give them our name, photo ID and credit card to verify. Moreover, we have paid in full!!!!! We booked through Asia Web Direct and full payment was required, not just a deposit. Close to a thousand ringgit just for 2 nights. Should be no problem right? So, I just apologised and told her we had forgotten to bring the slip and it's in Singapore. Even showed her the confirmation email on my Iphone. Imagine my surprise when she told me she can't proceed with the check-in because I did not bring the slip! She just stood there and stared at me, as though expecting me to magically produce the confirmation slip. I was quite annoyed with her and asked her to check with her superiors regarding my case. She walked away and soon came back, telling me I can go to the Business Centre to print out the confirmation slip again. So both Joshie and I went in and after some trouble with the printer, managed to print the slip again. And hubby made sure they did not charge us for the cost of printing. Hubby, who travels so frequently said he has never encountered this with any hotel before. So anyway, we got our room and were annoyed with their service again when we needed to remind them a few times to deliver the baby cot to our room. And when the cot came, there was only a mattress in there. No pillow or blanket at all. If this were a lower class hotel, we'd understand but G hotel's supposed to be 5 star. And the rates aint cheap too! So, we called to enquire again and they came back with a pillow and a bed sheet as the blanket!

Ok, enough ranting about G hotel. Let's focus on food instead. That very night, we had dinner at Restoran Bali Hai, which is along Gurney Drive. My mom and uncle came over to have dinner with us. We had steamed pomfret, baked cheesy prawns, claypot tofu and stir fried broccoli with scallops. The food was really good. Actually, most of Penang's food are really delicious! For the next two days, we feasted on apom balik, curry puffs, kuih, char kway teow and Penang prawn mee. Since Joshie's already 2, I was more relaxed about what he ate and he also walloped everything together with us.

Here's Joshie enjoying one of Penang's delicacies.

Even has to lick the bowl. Bowl licking good!

What was he eating????

Something that will melt in your mouth.....=)

And a dirty Joshie post tau sar pheah. There were crumbs all over his face and hair. A very happy and satisfied boy.

And here's a picture of me and my high school friends at the wedding dinner which was held at City Bayview Hotel. The little cheeky had a gala time running around, playing with older kids and shouting at the top of his voice! =)

Main Convent class of 1999.

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  1. till bowl is clean. Mummy no need to wash bowl LOL