Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dim sum with the kiddos

Had a crazy lunch outing last Monday................four mummies together with their four toddlers! Was quite chaotic, but nevertheless, we had a good time too........think the kids enjoyed themselves the most!

We went out for dim sum at Lei Garden @ Orchard Shopping Centre. The kids were making so much noise as they were hungry. And I was desperately asking for the menu and ordering the dim sums. Hehe, I think the waitresses were a bit dazed when the four noisy kids walked into the restaurant the moment they opened for business at 11:30am sharp!!! Managed to get all the kids buckled in their high chair, ordered food and still trying to calm and entertain 4 hungry toddlers when the head waitress walked over to me and asked if we could get them to lower down their noise volume. Oops, I apologized and then told her to be quick with our order since they are all hungry.

Some of the dim sums that we had. From left, siu mai, har kow and the Lei Garden special (some minced pork dumplings with vege). We also ordered their new item; chicken & yam spring rolls (sorry no picture taken as that was the first dish that arrived, so we quickly stuffed the spring rolls into 4 hungry little mouths) which were delicious. Also had fried rice, century egg & minced pork porridge, shrimp chee cheong fun, siu loong pao and egg tarts.

And this was our dessert - mango pudding. Melt in your mouth, with bits and pieces of sweet mango flesh. Joshie loved it a lot, he kept telling me, "Joshie like it".

My boy enjoying his egg tart.

Four mummies with four kiddos..............and four nationalities; hahaha.......Malaysian Chinese, Japanese, Australian and Japanese-Taiwanese.

The bill came up to $130. It's quite pricey but everything that we ordered was delicious, except for the chee cheong fun.

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