Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gym time

No, not gym time for Joshie, but it's for Joshie's mummy =) After being a lazy bump for 2 whole years (except for the 3 month period when I joined a small gym), I am now a member of a gym again! I made quite a quick decision, just happened to walk in one fine day to enquire and after telling them I'd think it over, I signed up and became their member the very next day!

Entrance of the gym is towards the left. On the right, is the spa. And no, my gym package does not entitle me to use their spa. I need to purchase a spa membership, which I didn't lar. Already paid so much for gym membership already.

A snapshot of what's inside. There's also 2 exercise studios.

Anyway, this is what made me sign up so quickly. The kid's room. There'll be a staff who will take care of Joshie while I exercise. I was initially worried that Joshie would cry. But then there's another plus point too. Since the gym is so near to our house (it's located at City Square Mall which is right opposite our condo), I can leave Joshie with hubby during the weekends or even weekday nights, if he's not comfortable being in the kids room. So looks like I will be able to exercise twice a week, which is better than nothing!

So far, I have been to the gym three times, and left Joshie at the playroom twice. No crying at all, even though I have to go in together with him and slowly sneak out when he's engrossed watching tv. But I have been brainwashing him before we leave house, saying that mummy needs to exercise and he has to stay with aunty in the kids room. Also told him he's already a big boy, so "no cry-cry". He seems to understand and I was told that sometimes he repeats "mummy go cise (exercise)" to himself =) Hehe, success!

Oh, and regarding their spa. I have been there twice so far. Was given a free 45 minute body massage and $50 voucher upon signing up at the gym. Their massages were really good. Nevertheless, I am annoyed with the staff there. They practically sit me down and force me to sign up for their packages. Not cheap. Think the smallest package is $500 and it goes up all the way to $10k. I know it's their job to try to secure more sales but I have been to lots of other spas and have never encountered such "stress" when I decline to sign up. I shared my woes with my friend who also goes there for a massage and to my surprise, she also faced the same issue with me, even though she and her husband have purchased a $1,000 body massage package. According to her, they (Ms T in particular) continue to bug her to buy facial packages or to top up their existing package. My friend plans to bring this issue up to top management if they continue to pester her persistently again. As for me, I'll just stay far far away from the spa =)


  1. wow, you are staying just across the road from the mall? how nice :) it's really good to be able to go the gym for a workout and have some ME time

  2.'s really nice to live opposite the mall.....very convenient.....haha and can go for my massage/pedicure when hubby is around =)