Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Self Check @ Tanglin Marketplace

Last week was the first time I used the Self-Check machine. Actually, I have noticed this machine for several months already but always headed to the cashier counters as I couldn't be bothered. Haha........might as well let the cashier scan the products and proceed to payment while I entertain my cheeky son.

However, last Monday, all the counters were fully occupied. There were like 2-3 people lining up at each counter, BUT they all had a trolley full of stuff. And I only wanted to buy milk and cream cheese. So, I tried lar.......... It was quite easy, just scan the milk and cream cheese and ta-da, the total price appeared on the screen. Swiped my card and I was done! Easy =)


  1. oh.. SG is getting more and more advance.. for those small item, it's good to use this self check machine ah.. and of course, the NETS give another thumb up too!