Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Turning a year older

I celebrated my 2*th birthday today. As usual, birthdays aren't a big thing in our family, so it was just another day, except that we'd go out for dinner.

After Joshie's school, I decided to give myself a treat and headed to Pretticure for a pedicure. I like this place because all their equipments are sterilised. More hygienic compared to some other places which I have been to.

My dear son was very co-operative. As pictured above, he sat on a stool next to me and watched tv. Of course he was very curious as it was his first time watching mummy's nails being done. He even stretched out his legs and wanted the aunty to put colour on his nails......hahahahaha.

After that, we went to Sushi Tei for lunch. My son was being very cheeky. While waiting for our food to arrive, I asked him to show me three different expressions which he learnt recently.

"Joshie, cheeky smile"

"Funny face"

We had dinner at another Japanese restaurant with the hubs. Can't remember the name, but it's very close to Orchard Road. Food was good and we'll go back again.....hehe. Will take pictures next time =)


  1. wow, only 2*??? oh so young :) joshie looks so cheeky in the photos :D good that you brought him along while doing a pedi. next time when he grows up, he'll have patience and wait for his gfriend or wife when she does her nails..hehehehe