Sunday, January 10, 2010

His new and favourite word


When we were back in KL, Joshie would say the word loud and clear each time he sees our 5 year old shih-tzu, whom we named Cutie. And of course he would say it too when he sees other dogs in our neighbourhood. When hubby brought him to the pet shop at Desa Parkcity, he pointed to the dogs and said 'dog'; and even to the guinea pigs and rabbits. Whoops! But he will say 'mao' when he sees cats. I have always been teaching him the sounds animals make so 'mao' is actually 'meow'!

Can also say FISH, but not as clear as dog. Would point to the fishes swimming in our pond and happily call them too. Joshie seems to be more interested in "greeting" the pets rather than his daddy & grandparents. He still continues to call me 'mama' or 'mi mi' or 'mam'; and on very very rare occassions 'ma mee'.

Updated 12 January : I was pleasantly surprised when I showed him a flashcard with the word DOG and he said it loud and clear! =)

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