Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hong Kong 3D2N - Day 2

This is the beautiful view from our hotel room.

Cheeky on the chair again. He likes the chair a lot. Was busy running around as well and kept on lifting up the phone receiver to speak to his imaginary friend =P

After breakfast at the hotel, we went for a walk. Here's Joshie with Daddy at the water fountains. Joshie loves water fountains and would always point to them.
Went back to the hotel for Joshie's morning nap and later checked out about noon. Headed to the station to board the MTR to Sunny Bay and thereafter switched trains to Disneyland!! Upon arriving, we first took the shuttle bus to Disney Hollywood Hotel to check in before heading out to have fun with Joshie.

This picture was taken at the entrance. Joshie was already very excited......it's as though he knows there's more fun waiting for him inside.

Onboard the flying saucer. Joshie enjoyed the ride and was upset when it ended.

Daddy and Joshie before the parade on the Main Street. Took a while for Joshie to "digest" what was happening and he soon started waving at the disney characters dancing down the street.

By the time the parade ended, it was 4pm, which is way past his afternoon nap. He usually naps at 3pm. Gave him his bottle and I was getting ready to sling him to sleep but to my surprise, he settled happily in his stroller and dozed off very quickly. (My boy doesn't like strollers and has never napped in them after he turned 2 mths old. )

After he woke up, we went on the giant tea cups and he had a good time too.

Took a picture with Alice after the tea cups ride.

" It's a small world" behind us. I was pretty disappointed that it was under refurbishment.
After that, we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride and thereafter hurried through dinner so that we could catch the closing fireworks at 7pm. Headed back to the hotel after that and all 3 of us slept early. Was a tiring but fun day.

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