Friday, January 15, 2010

We are away

Joshie, hubby and I are away on a holiday....hehe! I am so glad I survived the 3 hour plus flight with Joshie ALONE. Hubby had flew in earlier to attend to work matters.

So I won't be updating my blog till Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. have a nice holiday.... enjoy!

  2. Enjoy yourselves!! Looking forward to your next post on your holiday :))

  3. i was going to ask the shoe size of joshie....let me know, ok?
    enjoy your holiday

  4. Adele, he is currently wearing Crocs size C6/7. I dun know what that means though. He was previously wearing a size 4 from Bubblegummers (bata) which is tight for him now. U wanna buy shoe for him? I'd suggest either toys/books/clothes's quite difficult to find a good fit for him, his feet is quite broad; that's why we splurged on Crocs for him.

  5. really??i already bought around 16cm...would that fit?