Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hong Kong 3D2N - Day 3

My dear son woke up at 5am and refused to sleep. But thank God he lazed on the bed with me so at least I got to lie down. Guess he was too excited to go back to sleep anymore. So hubby and I got out of bed at about 7am and got ready to go for breakfast with Mickey & Friends at Disneyland Hotel which is just a 10 minute walk away from our hotel.

Joshie enjoying his Mickey shaped pancakes.

Saying "hi" to Mickey.

He gave Goofy a kiss a few times! Hubby tried to get his attention too and asked for a kiss but he ignored his daddy.

He slept in the stroller on the way back to the hotel. Hubby and I walked around the hotel grounds while he slept.

A family picture at Disneyland!

With our ex-uni mate, Wendy just before The Lion King show. Joshie was tired again during the show but he was fighting to stay awake. He rested his head a few times on Daddy's shoulder and finally slept after the show.
A picture with Pluto before we left Disneyland. Overall, it was a very fun but tiring trip. Hubby and I had to entertain our precious son throughout our journey back to Singapore. He only napped for 40 minutes and woke up wanting to play again!!!


  1. aww...what a nice trip to Disneyland. Joshie is really lucky :D I like the photo of him kissing Goofy. I think Ashley would have run far away if she sees Goofy.

  2. Barb, Joshie was scared initially.....but after a while, he wasn't anymore and was really elated to see his fav characters

  3. Nice!! So thoughtful of Mummy and Daddy to stay in this hotel... I heard it is very expensive but great for the kids coz they can get upclose and personal with the disney characters :)

  4. Hehe Agnes, it's for our own convenience to stay near Disneyland........bring maine there lar.......