Monday, January 18, 2010

Hong Kong 3D2N - Day 1

The hubs and I had our 2nd family holiday with the little cheeky last week. Our first was to Pulau Bintan when Joshie was 3 weeks shy of turning 1 year old. We travelled separately as hubby had to go to Hong Kong earlier in the week for work matters and I knew I couldn't do much shopping with Joshie tagging alone. So cheeky and I only left on Friday.

We were really blessed to have the opportunity to travel onboard the A380 on business class. The seat was really spacious and comfortable. In this picture, Joshie was busy watching cartoons and you can see a bread roll in each hand. He immediately grabbed them off my food tray and I didn't stop him either. I was thankful that he did not snatch my egg fritata, sausages or baked beans and quickly gobbled up my food.

Joshie chilling with the SIA bear =) After our meal, the air stewardess helped us convert our seat into a day bed.

Overall, Joshie was ok throughout the entire flight although he did fuss when he had to sit still during take-off and landing. But I was well prepared and kept on shoving either raisins into his mouth or new toys into his hands.

We landed in Hong Kong at about a quarter past one and took the Airport Express to the city.

Joshie's cot at our hotel, Four Seasons. So prettily dolled up!

A picture of cheeky on the chair.

And he went exploring as usual.........
After he woke up from his afternoon nap, we went out to "jalan-jalan" before we met hubby for dinner.

On the way back to the hotel. Weather was quite chilly, at about 17C.


  1. oooo...HK! I am so jealous :D Joshie looks so cute with the headphone on. What show was he watching?

  2. oh gosh! business class some more.. So syiok le Joshie..

  3. Joshie was watching some Santa Claus cartoon...=) Yeah, we were both syiok to be on business class!

  4. Jeff said that Joshie almost tear down the room... haha

  5. Diane, yes he was tearing the room down. I had to keep on putting everything back in place!