Saturday, January 23, 2010

Joshua @ 16 months

" My dear boy, why must you sit on the floor when you have a comfortable sofa to sit on??"

Our little cheeky turned 16 months today. I know I have not been doing a monthly update on him. That's because I record his milestones as and when he achieves them. But anyway, here's a little summary on Joshie who currently weighs 12.6kg and is 86.5cm tall:

a) Able to pull open the fridge door. Mummy would be screaming like a mad woman coz he almost always reaches for breakable things like the jam bottle or the bowl of marinated meat.

b) Able to pull open all the drawers at home. And he happily takes out everything and throws them onto the floor!!!!!!! What a mess! I only have safety locks on 2 drawers at home; plan to lock all drawers when we move to our new place in March.

c) Can open doors. So now we have to lock doors if we want to keep him in or away from a certain room.

d) Added new words to his speech; shake, good, shit, oh no, bye bye, bread, eat......ok, i can't remember already but there's more.

e) Can take some instructions pretty well, for eg when I ask him to bring me a certain item or to drop his toys into the box.

f) Started seating in his stroller again.....we are really happy!!!! It's no joke carrying a heavy toddler in our Ergo. Although he won't sit for long (60 mins max), we are really thankful for that little break! Haha....

g) Started getting bored of his usual baby food. Looks like I have to start experimenting with new recipes again!!!!!

h) Becoming very "manja" now, not only to mummy but also to daddy. He would come to us and lay his head or whole body on us. Sometimes, he would also pat us, as though want to "sayang" us.

i) Addicted to the tv. What to do, daddy is a tv addict! But I try to limit his tv and only turn it on for him when he is really cranky or when I need to do something urgently. He is able to "tell" me when he wants to watch tv too. Would come up to me, grab my hand and pull me towards the tv. Following that he would sit down on the sofa and get ready to watch tv!

Ok, that's all I remember for now. Will update later as and when I remember!


  1. Wow... Joshie is really a smart boy... I also scream like a mad woman whenever Maine ransacks the drawers and fridge *shakes head*

  2. happy 16 months old.. and he is doing well ya... oh of the recipe, I can copy a book for toddler for you (provided I can find it)... :D