Monday, January 4, 2010

Home sweet home

We got back to Singapore yesterday evening around 5ish. The minute we got home, Joshie went running around our small 2-bedder apartment. We were glad that he left us in peace while we unpacked our belongings. He entertained himself well with his toys and at times came to lend us a "helping hand" =)

Had a good time in KL but it's also good to be back. KL was really like a "holiday" for all of us.........PILs were very happy to help me take care of Joshie and I had the maid to help with the cooking of Joshua's food. But we also miss the peace and quiet with just the 3 of us in Singapore. That's the good & bad of both places =)


  1. ahhh..joshie must have missed his toys and the apartment a lot :D

  2. glad to see your posts again.. :D