Friday, January 8, 2010

Joshie @ church

I mentioned before that Joshie is very musically inclined. Well, when we were back in our home church last month, he would keep his eyes glued on the worship team throughout Praise & Worship. He was enjoying the music so much that he wouldn't take his morning nap, which he usually does.

Anyway, after service, when I finally let him run free, he ran down the aisle and went up the stage. Of course hubby quickly followed him so that he would not touch what he's not supposed to. Joshie trying to grab the guitar from his daddy.

And after that, he danced on stage, swaying his bum-bum.

And waved his arms! =D


  1. glad that Joshie enjoy church ya... which church is this ah? coz it looks like the Methodist Church in PJ... :D

  2. hahhaha..he is a cutie. good that he likes music :D

  3. Cynthia, yes it's Trinity Methodist Church did u figure that out?
    Barb, I am also glad Joshie loves music....hope that he will continue to love music always =)

  4. Joshua's mummy... coz I was going there for service too before the birth of Breanna!! :D My mum still go for service there, but not me.. waiting for Breanna to turn 1 and I can bring her along.. :D

  5. Oh what a coincidence! Which service do u go to? Bring Breanna during cny lar, really hope 2 c u. We will b back from 11 to 27 feb