Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Joshua's mummy & daddy in Bangkok

On the 28th of December 2009, hubby and I left our little precious with the grandparents and happily went on a 4D3N Bangkok holiday. It was the first time Joshua was away from mummy. We really hoped and prayed that he would be fine.

He gladly waved goodbye to mummy & daddy when we got on the taxi to KLIA. Sometimes, he'd cry when he is left at home with the grandparents but this time, he seemed really cheerful and that eased my worries a bit.

Boarded the noon flight and reached Bangkok about 3:30pm local time. Took us nearly an hour to get to our hotel, the Grand Hyatt Erawan. Immediately called home after we had checked in and MIL said Joshie went to my room to look for me when he got up from his afternoon nap. Didn't cry but looked a bit puzzled.

Anyway, here are some snapshots taken in Bangkok.

At the pedestrian bridge heading towards the shopping malls. Bangkok traffic is heavy, even worse than KL's.

The weather was really hot and we were both sweating like crazy. Decided on impulse to visit the Siam ocean world. Costs us THB950 per person which includes admission fee, a glass bottom boat ride, free drinks & popcorn, 4D show and fish spa. I purposely asked hubby to take a picture of the fishes so we can show Joshie when we get back =)

Hubby happily sipping his cold drink while waiting for our turn at the Fish Spa.

The next day, we visited the floating market. Was an hours drive away from the hotel and we had to hire a private car. As it was holiday season, we waited more than half an hour to get a boat.

"Puteri lilin" mummy couldn't stand the hot sun and urged hubby to buy a hat. The price quoted by the seller was ridiculously high, THB600 so we walked away. We refused to buy and left the stall but the seller came chasing after us and in the end, we got it for THB100, which is roughly RM10.
Went pass a lot of "boat stalls" and boy, we ate a lot! Drank coconut juice and ate Thai local food such as the mango sticky rice, their local pancakes, spring rolls etc etc.

We were waiting for our noodles and that's me with our private tour guide.

After that we went straight back to the hotel. The private guide asked if we wanted to visit the crocodile farm and go on elephant rides which were on the way back to the hotel. I declined as I had enough of the sun and moreover, we'd be doing that when we bring Joshie in future. I'd rather shop and go for massages during this trip with hubby.

Our dinner on day 2. Had our meal at the Platinum Mall food court. The food was really good, even better than what we had the night before at a Thai restaurant @ Suan Lum night bazaar. Clockwise from top left : Thai seafood pancakes, stewed duck noodles, Pad thai with seafood, fried quail eggs and lastly, a bowl of bird nest. We had extra money in our card so hubby decided to buy the bird nest. =P

Oh, and we went to watch the Calypso Cabaret at Asia Hotel. We were entertained by beautiful "ladies" who put on a good show. After the show, we were allowed to take pictures with them, without any fee.
That was the end of day 2. We spent the whole of day 3 shopping and going for massages. The massages were really cheap, at only RM20-30 per hour. I'd recommend Suan Lum Night Bazaar for shopping in Bangkok. Clothes there are nice & cheap and furthermore, the quality is really good. The average price I paid for each piece of clothing was between RM15-25.
Ok, so how did Joshie cope without mummy? He woke up twice on night 1 and cried. But he managed to settle back to sleep quite easily. However on day 2, he developed a fever. I was worried sick and called back many times. Thank God it wasn't that high and he was quite co-operative when MIL fed him medicine. He had fever on and off till day 4. He looked for me many times; in my room, in the kitchen, bathroom, everywhere. And night 3 was the worse, he woke up at 3ish am and was clearly very upset. He cried for a while and when MIL went into his room to comfort him, he indicated that he wanted to go out and pointed upstairs where our master bedroom is. Took him quite a while to settle and he woke up at 6ish again and refused to sleep anymore.
So Joshua missed his mummy a lot huh? Funny thing is, each time I called back he refused to take my call. He'd push the phone away whenever my MIL/FIL ask him to talk to me. However he was fine when he heard hubby's voice on the phone.
Looks like I can't go on long holidays without Joshie. Maybe 3-4 days is still ok. He was super clingy when I returned and wanted me to carry most of the time. Poor boy, he must have thought that his mummy doesn't want him anymore. "Mummy loves you, ok? Mummy will always come back, Joshie!"

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  1. ahh..must be nice to take a break huh? good that you have the grandparents to look after joshie sometimes. hubs and i have never went on a holiday without ashley. i think i will have separation anxiety when that happens :D