Saturday, January 9, 2010

Joshie with his doting grandparents

Joshie never fails to bring joy to his doting grandparents. My PIL, especially FIL showers the little cheeky with abundant love and attention. He is never ever left to play alone , unlike here in Singapore. Mummy and Daddy always encourage him to play/read independently whereas my FIL would always prefer his precious grandson to play with him, rather than his toys! So it goes without saying that Joshie is more "manja" and naughthier when we are back home. It's harder to control him as he knows that he has extra support in KL.

Here's a picture of Joshie with my PIL at the lobby of One World Hotel on New Years Day. We had dinner at the Chinese restaurant there. The food there was pretty good and I wouldn't mind dining there again.


  1. wow, your PILs are very cool ;) It's the job of the grandparents to spoil their grandkids ;)

  2. this is a great picture...and yes, it is the grandparents job to spoil the grandchildren.

  3. hehehe... all grandparents are the same la..